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Don’t Sell What You Wouldn’t Buy Yourself

For those that don’t know us, Olivier and I are obsessed by design and architecture. We are always on the look-up for new products, new companies that could be a good addition to Skedio. A little while ago, I crossed a quote from Charles Munger, long time business partner of Warren Buffet. 

He says there are three rules for a career:

  1. Don’t sell what you wouldn’t buy yourself
  2. Don’t work for anyone you don’t respect and admire
  3. Work with people you enjoy

I couldn’t help to stop for a second and think about our Skedio and the adventure we undertook a year or so ago. My conclusion: I can put a check mark next to each of these sentences. Since we started Skedio, our philosophy has always been that good design was not only bringing the user happiness, but is a good investment on the long term and hence; reduce our environmental footprint on the planet. With that in mind, we are offering a curated selection of authentic design items from brands that we admire and people we enjoy working with because we know they share the same values that are the core of Skedio.

One of our mission is also to give access to our authenticity. It is always a pleasure for us to discuss design with our client (yes, even online we love to speak with you!), but at the end of the day, we are operating a business and selling is part of the game.


This brings me to point number 1: Don’t sell what you wouldn’t buy yourself. Between each others and other members of our family, we own or are looking forward to own product of every brands that we are selecting to be part of our Skedio collection. I believe it helps us understand your needs and being able to find the right solutions. It makes us authentic, because we are the first hand users of our products!

design water bottles from Italy

We recently added to our collection an Italian brand called 24bottles. Obviously, we first notice this company by the esthetic of the product, its philosophy and how they walk the talk. I owned a Chromatic Collection – Clima – 500ml in Red for a little while, and when people started saying that every reusable bottle are the same, I have to strongly disagree! I don’t even use glass anymore! With my coffee cup in the morning, it became the single most items that I use everyday! Seriously, it is light, keep the warmth or coldness of your favorite beverage and most of all, it is a pleasure to drink from! Most bottle I used before you drink from the opening and feel the tread for the cap, not this one. The design of the opening is as smooth as a normal glass. I strongly recommend it to you!

We also added Pablo Designs and I am holding myself not to renovate my entire kitchen right away because I can’t wait to get the Swell suspension. A bit extreme, but that’s how much we are enthusiastic about our brands offering!

design pendant lighting from Pablo Designs

Sell what you would buy for yourself. Simple truth that make our life more enjoyable. I live surrounded by Kartell, Artemide, Maison Milan, Ritzenhoff, 24Bottles,… and I can’t get enough of using them daily and share this experience with all of you!




I am what you could call a design aficionado. I crave authentic, original, and timeless designs. A year ago, my brother Olivier and I decided that we had toshare our passion with the world (yes, the world!) Skedio is a customer-centric organization, focused on providing clients with a unique and tailored experience, as we aspire to make them part of our design family!

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