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We Fell In Love With Pablo Designs !

Ugo and I want to offer you novelties as frequently as possible and with this objective in mind, we sat together and composed a list of potential brands that share the same values as us. Companies with products that respect the intellectual property of their creator, have a timeless design, have a quality that endures time and that supports the best practices when it comes to their employees and environmental issues. All of the above, with the goal of encouraging better consumption that we believe should be more ethical and lasting.

We are therefore proud to present to you today, Pablo Designs, a company that was founded in San Francisco, California in 1993. It would be easy to start with the history of Pablo, tell its successes, Design prices, etc. But I instead, prefer to explain why this particular company was one of our priorities starting 2019.

Minimalist design pushed to the extreme

Pablo is first and foremost, devoted without compromising simplicity and function. For me, a simple design is something, somehow, extremely complex. In our day and age, consumption is placed upfront everywhere; daily we are faced with the opportunity to consume more, get more for your money, 2 for 1, etc. Our society is built on the principle that getting more is better! Getting more should bring us more happiness. More functions and characteristics on products should therefore bring us happiness, no? Still, Ugo and I strongly believe that a product that corresponds to its primary functions has so much more to offer. When I admire the lights of Pablo Designs, I can’t stop myself from stargazing. These lights are so simple and beautiful that I can not understand why nobody has thought of it before. It is both brilliant and audacious!

A quality without compromise

The quality of the lamps from Pablo Designs is simply impeccable. The company has been able to combine materials that are robust and noble, with LED technology flawlessly. Pablo works hard on research and development of new lighting technologies such as LED. It is indeed at the core of the firm’s light collection. Lights that have a minimalistic look that would likely never exist without the LED technology. Not only do they have better performance than traditional light bulbs, LEDs reduce waste considerably as, on average, they last over 50 000 hours, or about 25 years of use!

My top 3 favorites:

Bola Felt Pendant Lighting

lampe suspension Bola Felt de Pablo Designs

I felt in love with this lamp, true love at first sight. I was visiting the office of a good friend and I had to stop and admire this beautiful suspension lamp that was hanging in their office. I was so struck that I asked to continue the conversation in the same room. Hard to explain, but such is love!

Clamp desk lamp

lampe de bureau Clamp de Pablo Designs

I must admit that at the beginning, this lamp left me a bit cold, but I warmed up the more I read about the history of this desk lamp, and of its designer Dana Cannam. Firstly, Dana Cannam is a Canadian designer that has worldwide successes with his work and I believe he is an ideal ambassador for Canadian design. Secondly, Clamp is composed of only 3 pieces! Simplicity at its best!

Lana wall lamp

applique murale Lana de Pablo Designs

What I particularly like about this wall sconce is that it really gets out of the walked path. It looks like it just barely touches the wall like a butterfly. And then you add the felt texture of this sconce that give it a chic side. Did I mention it comes in several colors?

I hope I have grasped your attention and curiosity towards Pablo Designs’ lamps!

Bye for now


– Olivier

I am simply in love with timeless modern design. A little more than a year ago, my brother Ugo and I decided that we had toshare our passion with the world (yes, the world!) Skedio is a customer-centric organization, focused on providing clients with a unique and tailored experience, as we aspire to make them part of our design family!

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