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“We’re Not Rich Enough To Buy Cheap Things”

I had a special request from my colleague to write about how to differentiate between an original and a copy. Quite frankly, I always believed that showcasing the major flaws of a copy was a way of promoting them indirectly. As you know, our philosophy at Skedio is to promote only original design that align with our environmental values, that respect the intelligence property of the creators and respect all the stakeholders surrounding a brand. Obviously, this means that we worked with a lot of companies that are heavily copied, you most certainly crossed in your life a copy of a Louis Ghost of Kartell or the Navy chair of Emeco. Like we say, often copied never equaled…and some might say, it is a compliment to be imitated…

With that being said, when we want to see difference between the Bourgie lamp of Kartell and its replica, people will often say the price is the only divergence. But how come? Why our Louis Ghost is sold for $561 (per unit), but we can find mock-up at $99?(I even saw once “high end” copy at $300….). The primary answer is the material used by the copy-cat. The companies we work with, spent an enormous amount of time in precising the perfect balance in the material used. This in turn create a higher quality product. The second answer is where they produce the replica, and more importantly how and under what condition they are produce…

Be that as it may, what differentiate really an original from an illusion is not the price nor the quality. Although I’ll never discard that in purchasing decision, the emotional connection that one has with the piece really matters. In one of my previous articles, I suggest that we all have an item that, without consciously knowing, we love to use, touch or see everyday. And I strongly believe that this emotion is stronger with an original piece.

Why you might say? Well, when we decide to purchase anything, it is a conscious decision, we vote with our purchasing decision. There are people that buy for showing off and those that buy for themselves. The pleasure they are gaining from the piece of art, the chair, the clock that they just purchased is the real motivation. The latest are much more likely to consciously select the original piece. It is not only a question of buying a better-quality item, that will last longer, and thus, more sustainable and greener choice. It is more of an admiration for the creativity and the work behind the piece.

Louis Ghost's chair by Kartell

Kartell’s Louis Ghost Chair

A chair is never just a chair, nor just a toothbrush. There is always some creative mind trying to reinvent, improve an object. They partner with companies such as Emeco that will pursue the development of this creative process to yield a final product. We select the original design because it is at the end of the day an investment. We get more from the money on the long run than the cheaper counterfeit. The lesser quality you’ll get for the price will result on wanting to get rid of the item after a couple of year because it didn’t age well or simply having to replace it on a regular basis because it breaks more easily. You get what you pay for!

Here at Skedio, we believe that an original is worth more that the price tag attached to it. We put a lot of weight on happiness and we put it in practice by offering you our tailored customer service. So, you will have peace of mind when you select the perfect items from our wide selection of original design product.

“Be yourself because an original is worth more than a copy” and we will help you with that.


ugo vachon, co-found of SKEDIO

– Ugo

I am what you could call a design aficionado. I crave authentic, original, and timeless designs. A little more than a year ago, my brother Olivier and I decided that we had toshare our passion with the world (yes, the world!) Skedio is a customer-centric organization, focused on providing clients with a unique and tailored experience, as we aspire to make them part of our design family! 

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